Exclusive Events At Sea and Resorts


Attention Business Owners, Associations, and Nonprofits

Be Relaxed Destinations, LLC is proud to offer Exclusive Events At Sea and Resorts for Business Owners, Associations, and Nonprofits who want to have not only an amazing experience in a new and unique surrounding, but prefer quality,  luxury, exclusivity, and once in a lifetime moments. Be Relaxed Destinations is a boutique luxury group travel agency that caters to all forms of groups. So whether you have a small or large group, I  can take care of your needs.

Personalized and Customized Service

Giving first class service is my main priority. I  custom design each itinerary of for you. I am committed to planning your Exclusive Events where you not only build lucrative relations with your clients, but you also earn a profit on the front end and back end, without any additional cost to you.  I  will work closely with you to ensure that what I create meets not only your business goals, but your personal goals as well. With my experience and expertise, you will be able to create profitable Exclusive Events at sea or at an exotic destination that will surely be loved by your guests.

Specialized Travel

Whether you want to hold your event on a luxury cruise ship or at an exotic resort, I have the necessary connections to provide you with the kind of travel that you need. I’ve built excellent relationship with the top suppliers worldwide.

Comprehensive Travel Essentials

I provide everything that you need when planning your Exclusive Event. You will receive all marketing materials that you need to promote your group. I can also provide you with all the back office service that will make you look like the “Guru” of your Exclusive Event. I can show you how you can create your own Profitable Exclusive Event, allowing you and your guests to have a wonderful time while network anywhere in the world.